ROI in 6 months

WayleaveCENTRAL offers immediate value and businesses can realise a return on investment in as little as 6 months by eradicating inefficiencies and reducing costs.


What is WayleaveCENTRAL?

It is a web-based Wayleave management solution for Municipalities and Utility Services providers. It allows instant re-direct of Wayleave applications between Road Authorities.

The main function of WayleaveCentral is to manage and administrate all applications and permissions provided by a Wayleave Authority or Agency to external parties.

With a proven track record of over 10 years, WayleaveCentral comes a long way in assisting Wayleave Authorities, Custodians and Service Owners to effectively manage existing and new Wayleavesl.

WayleaveCentral is currently running as its third version since the initial developed system back in 1999. Wayleave Central was deployed and is used on large scale by the following Wayleave Authorities, Agencies or Institutions:

  • Tshwane Municipality – Directorate Roads and Stormwater (since 2013) 
  • Botswana Government – Rollout on National Level (since 2009)
  • Gauteng Provincial Government – Department of Roads and Transport (since 1999)

Wayleave Central has over the years grown and matured to what we believe is now a world class Wayleave Solution.

Overview of WayleaveCentral

The ultimate purpose of WayleaveCentral is to streamline operations, improve communication and transparency and to have a positive impact key performance areas ultimately increasing the bottom line of municipalities and services companies through better business process management.

Businesses in the services industry and municipalities encounter extensive losses every year due to slow manual processing of applications, unlawful Wayleave works, and damages to services caused as a result. Slow processing cause delays on deployment projects for service infrastructure, and ultimately causes losses in opportunity as well as cost.

The corporate image of municipalities and service companies suffer as a result of third party complaints of non-compliance, and loss in services provided. This is often more damaging than slow response or service interruptions.

Advantages of WayleaveCentral

  • Web Based
    • Open to the public for Consulting Engineers to submit and track applications
    • Automated Application Pre-Submission Checks
    • Automated Service Inquiry Process
    • TRH26 & TRH27 Compliance
  • Automated Task Assignment based on Work Regions (from GIS)
  • Automated Reminders and Escalations
  • User Defined Workflow
  • Enables Design Review
  • Integrated to Mobile Technology
    • Issues and receives field inspection tasks
  • Enables Road Closure Management

Features of WayleaveCentral

WayleaveCentral automates processing methods and includes the following features:

  • Online Wayleave Application
  • System-managed compliance and documentation
  • Progress tracking
  • Automated progress and issue notifications
  • Automated communication between the applicant, contractor, municipality and other service owners in the area
  • Real-time data
  • Risk management
  • Documentation management
  • Applicant assistance with legislative and procedural compliance
  • Applicant guidance through the process
  • Online Design Review of submitted documentation
  • Automated Design Review distribution and management
  • Mobile Field Information
  • Mobile Field Inspection and management
  • Online Road Closure Application
  • Road Closure Permit Management

Key Benefits of WayleaveCentral

Increased Productivity

WayleaveCentral prompts technical personnel to use standard procedures and best practices through intuitive online and mobile forms. Automatic recording of date and time stamps save time checking the time. Work hours are automatically calculated.

Reduced Costs

Paperless operation is a realistic option with WayleaveCentral. Even a partial paperless organization offers reduced printing costs. Paper management is reduced, diminishing frustrations caused by lost documentation, unreadable or damaged paperwork. Less data-capturing requires fewer administrative staff.

Immediate Information

The system allows better control of operations, due to better visibility and fast response times. This real-time visibility of performance allows management to make time-critical decisions, faster.

Accurate Information

Mobile devices that are integrated with WayleaveCentral allow for standardised inputs and work procedures, which provide more accurate feedback. Real-time availability of rich data such as photographs can be used for accurate reporting. Operators have to complete and validate mandatory data at the source in order to complete a task. This ensures that no information is left out or remembered incorrectly, which eliminates human error. The fact that the date and time has to be completed immediately, means that an audit trail is recorded in real-time.

Increased Transparency

Applicants can use the WayleaveCentral web-interface to determine the progress of their applications, and lodge complaints and queries directly, allowing for more effective communication and saving time and money on telephone calls.

Extensible Platform

WayleaveCentral allows for customisable workflows to be configured by the user online. This allows for future compatibility as well as fast response to changing requirements and processes. WayleaveCentral’s Mobile Inspection Component can be customized to automate various other business processes, such as safety inspections, asset tracking, housekeeping, evaluations, accidents and incident investigations in various industries.

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