About GESS

GESS is an Engineering IT company specialising in the provision of Graphic Engineering Solutions and Services to the engineering industry. Formed in 2002 by engineers experienced in CAD, GIS, FM/AM and general IT for engineers as an independent company, GESS formed partnerships and signed Value Added Reseller Agreements in the architecture, engineering, IT, ICT, construction and owner/operator markets, to provide a broad range of solutions to our customers.

GESS employs experienced professionals and brings experience in creating world first innovative solutions and the implementation and running of systems for large organisations to projects.

The company has four divisions: Engineering Consulting Services (design, visualisation); Software; CAD and Engineering Software Solutions (sales, support, customisation, consulting and training); and IT Infrastructure (strategic services, sales, consulting, audits, solutions and web hosting).

These four divisions allow GESS to provide a complete packaged Engineering IT Solution to customers, covering all aspects of Engineering requirements from IT.

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